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Autodealer GSM for Haicom tracker V601

Товар, который указан, что есть на месте и можно положить в корзину - можно приобрести на месте у нас в магазине.

443,00 Euro
Артикул:  GPS.020
На складе: да
Preču skaits grozā:  

HAICOM HI-601VT auto re-dialer and software is the optional accessories to the HI-601VT. Simply insert any valid local telecomm. GSM SIM card and turn the power on, user can easily perform the simple vehicle management and monitor several vehicles or personals and record the path in one program without any complicated GPRS telecomm protocol set up or any special program or map. User no need pay any monthly fee or contract with local control center or service provider. It is most suitable for small scale vehicle management purposes, like the rental car owner, agriculture or construction vehicles owner, family user, etc. As long as you want to track and record several moving objects in the same time, the auto re-dialer is most ideal and most suitable solution. Inside the auto re-dialer unit, there is a GSM module and a HI-601VT dial tone decoder. After set up the inclusive program, the auto re-dialer will start to call and hang up in certain interval time to each moving object one by one and continue dialing and hang up as a loop. After the auto re-dialer dial and connected to certain moving object, the decoder inside will start to decode the sent back dial tone (DTMF signal) into the standard GPS NMEA protocol data and show the real time position on the Google map. User can monitor several moving objects even though the object in different countries or spread on any corner of the world.

Виды оплаты:
1. Наличными в магазине при получении;
2. Банковское перечисление (счет высылается на е-майл);
4. С помощью платежной системы - PAYPAL;

Виды доставки:
1. Выбрать в магазине - БЕСПЛАТНО Jēzusbaznīcas 7a, Rīga;
2. Доставка на почтовое отделение Latvijas Pasts - 5 EUR;
3. Доставка пакоматами Pastastacija - 3EUR;
4. Доставка пакоматами OMNIVA (POST24) - 3.5EUR;
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